i-D: yi ng was plucked from the explore page by samuel ross of a-cold-wall* / by Slow Waves


Yi Ng, by her own admission, is a sort of accidental stylist. "I just kind of just fell into it," she tells i-D. "My friends were photographers and often asked me to bring along pieces; I never knew what I stylist really did." By traditional industry standards, Yi's still very green. Still, she helped style one of the most anticipated streetwear shows on the LFWM calendar: Samuel Ross' A-COLD-WALL*. She described the experience as "quite surreal." 


I think it's quite clear why your work is so engaging to so many people: it's very well timed — you've captured a feeling of now. "Trends" isn't my favourite word to use, but it's apt. 

"That's the thing, you do have to pay attention to trends: to commerce. You don't want to be that artist struggling along by yourself, because nobody understands your work. It's all ego; to think that other people don't understand the complexity of your own vision. It's more likely you need a reality check, you have to be acknowledging feedback. The Internet has made it very easy to quantify that feedback in an objective way."

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