HYPEBAE- Caitlin Price / by Slow Waves


Caitlin Price's "Sports-Luxe" Designs Are Not Your Ordinary Athleisure

The designer describes her take on elevated sportswear and her inspirations

How do you usually go about looking for inspiration?

Each season I spend a long time researching, before I begin designing. I often start by collecting garments and accessories from my own wardrobe, markets or eBay which I might then piece together on the body to work out key styling or silhouettes for the collection.

This season the images on my wall were of 1960s swimsuits and optic prints, girls poolside in Ibiza, club flyers and stills from Jacques Tati’s 1958 film Mon Oncle. I pull together everything I’ve been looking at or thinking about and that’s where the story for each collection begins.

What advice would you give any aspiring designers who wish to start their own label?

It’s very tough. Running a business is hard!

Decide what it is that sets you apart. Don’t copy or imitate, there are a lot of clothes out there, so there isn’t much point in making more unless your really bringing something new to the table.


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