Alex Mullins AW17 / by Slow Waves

'Remember how Dolly Parton’s mother sewed rags together, each piece with love, to make a coat of many colours, that Dolly was so proud of? Well, Alex Mullins’ AW17 collection was a bit like that. Although obviously designer Alex Mullins was not working with rags (we presume higher quality fabrics) nor is he Dolly Parton’s mother, but, well, you get the idea.'

'Because there was something pieced together about this, close to patchwork – beginning with the opening looks, clothes that were on one half were one colour, on the other half another, or the jackets, and scarves, where seams were sewn together with chunky, haphazard stitches.'

'Or those pieces made from tiny fragments of his own hand-painted fabric. And, all set over a sort of warped, workwear-inflected silhouette. We must note also, at the moment of dragging ourselves out of bed this morning, our desire for that chequered look that completely encased both body and head, bar the eyeballs. Or, for that matter, any morning.'

Article from 10 Magazine