MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Fall 18 Show by Slow Waves


Never having darkened the door of the Mayfair public house—“pub” in local parlance—called the Running Horse, it’s impossible to speak of how radically different it was for the MM6 presentation. But given that the Margiela team had gone and foiled the entire place in glossy mirrored silver, Andy Warhol Factory-style (reflecting the label’s almost entirely metallic collection), it’s a pretty safe bet the regulars wouldn’t have recognized the old place. 

There’s nothing new in the house of Margiela claiming a space as their own and conducting a fashion presentation there—a particularly memorable one took place in a ratty Parisian café by the Seine, as I seem to recall—but there was something quite prescient in referencing Warhol in this London pub. 

It’s not the first time this season we’ve seen an artistic backdrop speak to a troubled, perplexing reflection of our world today, but there was certainly something clever in the jarring display we saw here; the silveriness of the parkas, down jackets, vests, and slip dresses might have spoken of a nostalgic idea of the space-age future, but the cracked, fractured surfaces of the clothes suggested that the dreamy notion of where we might end up was just as broken.


With its neat and concise execution of a theme, this latest MM6 offering suggests it’s being pushed to make a more conceptual statement now that the label is being creatively renewed, what with John Galliano’s incredible couture and menswear debut of late. (MM6 is designed by an in-house team.)

That was certainly true of the collection’s 500-strong limited-edition tee, which will be decorated with Polaroid images of the collection taken before the presentation started. It’s positively Warholian in idea and in execution.

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Text by Mark Holgate



Check out to see Melbourne model Mercy Sang wearing

Faustine Steinmetz and MM6 Maison Margiela from Slow Waves :)


Read about Mercy HERE , images by Chloé Hill

i-D: yi ng was plucked from the explore page by samuel ross of a-cold-wall* by Slow Waves


Yi Ng, by her own admission, is a sort of accidental stylist. "I just kind of just fell into it," she tells i-D. "My friends were photographers and often asked me to bring along pieces; I never knew what I stylist really did." By traditional industry standards, Yi's still very green. Still, she helped style one of the most anticipated streetwear shows on the LFWM calendar: Samuel Ross' A-COLD-WALL*. She described the experience as "quite surreal." 


I think it's quite clear why your work is so engaging to so many people: it's very well timed — you've captured a feeling of now. "Trends" isn't my favourite word to use, but it's apt. 

"That's the thing, you do have to pay attention to trends: to commerce. You don't want to be that artist struggling along by yourself, because nobody understands your work. It's all ego; to think that other people don't understand the complexity of your own vision. It's more likely you need a reality check, you have to be acknowledging feedback. The Internet has made it very easy to quantify that feedback in an objective way."

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Pre FW 2106 by MM6 MAISON MARGIELA by Slow Waves

Photography by Kevin Cheung for Slow Waves

Photography by Kevin Cheung for Slow Waves

'Sporty and gritty, archive and new, medieval and futuristic - The MM6 Pre-Fall 2016 Collection mixes and matches themes, creating garment with dual meanings.'


GLAMCULT 'You're Too Late' by Slow Waves


'Camp meets gloom in a visual essay by Tasha Tylee and Natalie Pluchinotta.'


Featuring MM6 Maison Margiela pieces from Slow Waves

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