HB100 2017 | HYPEBEAST by Slow Waves


The best in street culture and those from the arenas of high fashion and business directly inspiring and influencing the world outside their respective circles.

As the year comes to an end our team of editors and contributors reflect on the individuals that made a significant impact within the realm of HYPEBEAST. As social media has allowed creators to widen the reach of their message, various creative fields have consequently overlapped with other forms of expression. Whether it be within art, music, sports, or entertainment, having a concise, creative vision is absolutely necessary in creating an authentic and consistent message amidst the volatile nature of the Internet.


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Fergus Purcell & Sofia Prantera

Co-founders of Aries

Since Aries was founded in 2012 by Central Saint Martins graduate Sofia Prantera and Palace-affiliate Fergus Purcell, the label has gone on to make a name for its graphic-heavy collections. 2017 saw the brand continue to build on this legacy, as well as continue to grow. Back in April, the Aries co-founders worked with photographer David Sim to produce “Click to Buy” — a book that looks into the way the label works and how the vast range of influences are brought together. Since then, Aries has released a series of impressive capsules and collections, and has teamed up with Vans for a four-sneaker pack. Ostensibly a womenswear label, Aries’s focus on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim have seen it crossover and become a men’s staple.




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Yoon & Verbal

Co-founders of AMBUSH

Verbal and Yoon, the dynamic duo standing firmly behind Tokyo-based label AMBUSH, initially made their entry into the market creating women's jewelry. Over the past few seasons, though, the brand has made great strides leaping into fashion’s high-end luxury market. Eventually broadening its scope to include unisex collections, the eccentric lifestyle brand has since launched its AMBUSH WORKSHOP outpost. Continuing on their upward trajectory, Verbal and Yoon led the brand to an impressive 2017, devising a punk-inspired Fall/Winter 2017 range that paired lavish accessory items alongside a swarm of reinterpreted classic. Meanwhile, the design duo revealed AMBUSH’s forthcoming Spring 2018 “Hues” collection, which juxtaposes heavily-embellished designs with modified silhouettes in mild tones of blue, red and grey.




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VOGUE- Filles A Papa by Slow Waves


How the Sisters of Filles à Papa Are

Reinventing Streetwear




Even though they’re at the helm of a brand beloved by celebrities, sisters Carol and Sarah Piron of the Belgian label Filles à Papa don’t look to the red carpet when they’re in search of fashion inspiration. “We are not attracted to perfect and flawless elegance—what speaks to us is an interesting element that enriches the personality,” Carol explains. “The brand is a mix of our tastes that creates a unique dynamic.” 

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The Pirons launched the label in 2012 and chose Filles à Papa (“Daddy’s Girls”) as the name even though their “very fashionable mom” was probably more of an inspiration. The sisters caught the fashion bug at different times. Sarah studied fashion design at ESMOD. Carol didn’t realize she wanted to become a designer until she began graduate school at Ecole de Recherche Graphique, where she was studying art history.

While immersing themselves in the business, they set out with the goal of creating clothes that represented both their individual styles. Carol’s favorite pieces skew sporty, while Sarah is drawn to the feminine, but there’s one thing they can agree on—great streetwear should look effortless.





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i-D: 6lack- the next 6ig thing by Slow Waves


'6lack blew up last year with PRBLMS, an up-in-my-feelings RnB earworm that's now ticking close to 100 million stream on Spotify. In November, any one-hit wonder suspicions were dispelled with FREE 6LACK, his tightly selected 11-song debut. In person, 6lack's soft spoken and good humoured. He laughs easily as we talk bad tattoos, meeting your heroes, and free chicken.'


ALEX MULLINS Denim Racer Jacket and Wide Leg Pants from SLOW WAVES

ALEX MULLINS Denim Racer Jacket and Wide Leg Pants from SLOW WAVES

What's the wildest look you've ever worn?
Well, the world won't ever know what happened on the shoot today, waist down, but those orange pants were kinda massive. They were massive. Usually, I keep it simple. I'm small, so I don't like to drown in my clothes.


Can you tell us about your favourite and least favourite of your tattoos?
My favourite is obviously my hand tattoo, the bear claw. It was the tattoo I got right before I made the decision to not ever get a real job again, when I told myself "I'm not going back to any other life, this is it, I have to do this." Least favourite... probably my first tattoo, it just says "self-made" and it cost me like 200 dollars. I only got "self-made" because I was just trying to figure out what I was going to get, you know, for my first tattoo.




I loved the Erykah Badu cover you came out with the other day. 
Oh yeah! That was kind of spur of the moment almost. I really didn't think too much about what I was going to do, a few days before I was like "You know what? That's a great idea. Why not?"


Then she called you and called you her beautiful son. Not bad.
That was amazing. It was definitely unexpected. But you know, things happen how they're supposed to.




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Fashion Awards 2017- Faustine Steinmetz nominated by Slow Waves


THE nominees for the 2017 Fashion Awards in partnership with Swarovski have been revealed ahead of the December 4 ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall. “These designers and brands were chosen from hundreds of international names and they represent the most creative talent and innovative businesses of the year,” BFC chairwoman Natalie Massenet told press at this morning’s briefing.




FAUSTINE STEINMETZ is one the five designers nominated for British Emerging Talent (Womenswear)

2000 key members of the fashion industry were invited to put forward their preferences for each category and nominations were made in nine categories with the five brands/individuals receiving the most nominations shortlisted in each category.

The Fashion Awards 2017 winners will be announced at a gala ceremony held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall December 4th.



Oyster Mag- Glenn Martens by Slow Waves


'The latest Parisian brand to land all over your Instagram feed is Y/Project, currently under the creative direction of Belgian genius Glenn Martens. You’ve seen his jeans before — the ones that detach at the panty-line. And you’ve either tagged a friend and lolled about them, or you’ve been putting $50 a week aside until you can buy them. And so you should.'



So, was assuming your role at Y/Project a difficult decision? With a team in mourning and an aesthetic that, as it turns out, is quite different to what you’re producing now… 

'Yeah, it’s obviously super complicated to take over a brand in mourning. There’s really no good way of doing that when the whole team is in mourning and also the clients, so you try to do it in a sensitive way. I knew Yohan, because I worked for him years earlier — I used to be his assistant a long time ago — so for me, it was quite emotional. He was this two-metre tall, super skinny guy, very enigmatic, like a character from a Tim Burton movie. The customer really bought into him and his personality, so it was a miracle that [the company] survived after his death. '


Which is obviously why it felt so natural for you to shift the focus to womenswear?

'That’s something that directed us. When I came to Y/Project, we started womenswear even though it was actually menswear put together on a woman. It was very tricky because people were not understanding it so much when things were oversized or a little bit too long. We had to explain to our customer that this was our idea of womenswear, even though we don’t see menswear and womenswear as a different thing. For me, it’s more about clothes growing on the person and creating an identity because of the person who is wearing it. When the gender fluid hype arrived, we were very lucky because we didn’t have to explain it any more.'



You’re going on a first date, what do you hope they wear?

'I actually hope they don’t wear fashion brands. If they were trying to impress me with designer brands I would be a bit turned off.'


What do you believe in?

'I really believe in karma. You’re definitely going to get it back in your face if you’re being a bitch. I also believe in star signs — I think they really work. It’s so silly, but I’m now obsessed and researching it.'



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BoF 500 2017- Glenn Martens by Slow Waves


Glenn Martens, Creative Director of Y/Project has been selected as one of Business of Fashion's 500



The creative director of Y/Project is part of Paris’s new guard of fashion designers spearheading the streetwear revolution, infusing humour into conceptual, forward-thinking collections.

Taking what started out as a men’s label under late founder Yohan Serfaty in 2010, Martens expanded into womenswear, slowly introducing his own codes into the house. Today, Y/Project is one of the most anticipated shows at Paris fashion week, with its finger firmly on the pulse of the city’s dynamic new wave.

Originally from Bruges, Belgium, with a degree in interior architecture, Martens stumbled upon fashion by accident. After applying to the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp with nothing more than a few sketches — feeling too young to enter the professional world — Martens was accepted, and graduated first in his class. 

After finishing his studies, Martens was offered a role at Jean Paul Gaultier as junior designer for the women’s pre-collection and his menswear label G2. In 2012, he started his eponymous label, which made its debut at Paris Fashion Week, and ran for three seasons.

Martens had been working as first assistant to Y/Project creative director and founder Yohan Serfaty. After Serfaty passed away in April 2013, his business partner Gilles Elalouf convinced Martens to take the helm of the label.

In a few seasons, the Rick Owens -inspired menswear label turned into a brand worn by millennials and A-listers alike. Streetwear is infused with unisex pieces, in collections that echo the conceptual spirit of Belgian designers. Y/Project’s current appeal, that saw Martens craft a suit for Rihanna, lies in the intersection of offbeat references and a singular vision.

In 2017 Martens was awarded the ANDAM prize, winning $280,000 and a year-long mentorship from Francesca Bellettini , CEO and president of Yves Saint Laurent . It comes as Y/Project is moving into its next stage, with new factory partners in France and Portugal to keep up with growth.


i-D Melbourne Fashion Week by Slow Waves


Meet an inspiring crew enriching our city, before they take to the i-D music stage at Melbourne Fashion Week.




How do you spend your days? I'm at my store Slow Waves literally every day doing anything and everything. The store is definitely my first home, I spend so much time there. 

What can we expect from you at MFW outfit-wise? I'm all about dressing for comfort, sometimes all you need are some trackies and a good pair of heels. I do have a Molly Goddard dress that I love and don't wear as much as I should. Also, two of my friends have started a label called Echelon, doing cool oversized t-shirts and accessories, and everything is made in Melbourne. Maybe that. 

What are you excited about right now? At the moment we're working on a collaboration between Slow Waves and a Hong Kong-based label which is super exciting! It'll be a five to seven piece collection of unisex clothing and accessories dropping at the end of the year!


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