i-D: 6lack- the next 6ig thing / by Slow Waves


'6lack blew up last year with PRBLMS, an up-in-my-feelings RnB earworm that's now ticking close to 100 million stream on Spotify. In November, any one-hit wonder suspicions were dispelled with FREE 6LACK, his tightly selected 11-song debut. In person, 6lack's soft spoken and good humoured. He laughs easily as we talk bad tattoos, meeting your heroes, and free chicken.'


ALEX MULLINS  Denim Racer Jacket  and  Wide Leg Pants  from SLOW WAVES

ALEX MULLINS Denim Racer Jacket and Wide Leg Pants from SLOW WAVES

What's the wildest look you've ever worn?
Well, the world won't ever know what happened on the shoot today, waist down, but those orange pants were kinda massive. They were massive. Usually, I keep it simple. I'm small, so I don't like to drown in my clothes.


Can you tell us about your favourite and least favourite of your tattoos?
My favourite is obviously my hand tattoo, the bear claw. It was the tattoo I got right before I made the decision to not ever get a real job again, when I told myself "I'm not going back to any other life, this is it, I have to do this." Least favourite... probably my first tattoo, it just says "self-made" and it cost me like 200 dollars. I only got "self-made" because I was just trying to figure out what I was going to get, you know, for my first tattoo.




I loved the Erykah Badu cover you came out with the other day. 
Oh yeah! That was kind of spur of the moment almost. I really didn't think too much about what I was going to do, a few days before I was like "You know what? That's a great idea. Why not?"


Then she called you and called you her beautiful son. Not bad.
That was amazing. It was definitely unexpected. But you know, things happen how they're supposed to.




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