SLOW WAVES IN i-D / by Slow Waves

slow waves represents a new kind of retail—but is australia ready?

'The Melbourne store is bridging a widening gap in Australian consumer behaviour. But being a trailblazer isn’t a simple job.'


Interview by Isabelle Hellyer

In a comparatively short time, Slow Waves has come to feel like a retail destination — no doubt in part because it's so beautiful. Artful spaces do tend to obscure the day-to-day practicalities of running a shop, like ordering receipt paper or counting the till. Does that invisible work bum you out?

To be honest, the majority of my time is actually spent doing that stuff: cleaning, admin, emails. We're a small team, and I guess I could leave the minor tasks to my two staff — Scarlet and Kevin — but at the same time, I want them spending their time working on things they actually want to pursue. Scarlet is the model for our shoots and handles the social media, and Kevin is our photographer. Really, I think being the boss sometimes means doing the stuff that no one else wants to do.


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