Common Projects

BoF 'De-Mystifying the Cult of Common Projects' by Slow Waves

Nice in depth article by BoF with the founders of Common Projects, Peter Poopat and Flavio Giralami...


'Girolami and Poopat first met in the mid-1990s at a bar in New York’s East Village and soon decided to work on collaborative “projects” together. Both were avid sneaker enthusiasts; Stan Smiths, Air Jordan 1s and Chuck Taylors were some of their favourite go-to models, which later provided the inspiration for some of their own footwear. However, as their tastes evolved neither of them could find the more aesthetically refined and high quality sneakers they were increasingly looking for. “We didn’t want to wear Converse anymore,” says Girolami.'
'We try to do something that is classic and timeless,” says Girolami. “You only get to introduce yourself once,” adds Poopat. “We approach each thing like it’s a first impression and we try not to fuck that up.'


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