AMBUSH's Fall 2018 After-Party / by Slow Waves


Ambush Pulls Out All the Stops for Tokyo’s Biggest Party


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What separates the standard Fashion Week party from a true rager? It’s all about creativity. Last night at Ambush’s blowout bash in celebration of the brand’s Fall 2018 collection, guests were treated to dinner, a show, and an epic night out set to a ’90s soundtrack, all inside the famed Tokyo Tower.

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Hooking up with Ghetto Gastro for a culinary collaboration that featured corn bread with yule crème fraîche and fried chicken wrapped in coco bread, Yoon and Verbal won the hearts of the fashion crowd via their stomachs. With every attendee busy Instagram-ing the clever Amazon Prime boxes filled with food, the dinner party was guaranteed to make an impact on social media, but even those who didn’t chow down were in for a treat.


Getting the chance to first view the brand’s NoBo collection, a grunge-influenced lineup informed by Yoon’s Seattle childhood, and then DJ sets by No Vacancy Inn and Spaghetti Boys, the well-dressed partygoers who filled the two rooms enjoyed the best of all worlds. In the midst of shows and appointments, the night offered a chance to party down in the company of stars, or just dance into the wee hours, all of which provided the week with a welcome jolt of energy.


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Text by Janelle Okwodu