i-D Melbourne Fashion Week / by Slow Waves


Meet an inspiring crew enriching our city, before they take to the i-D music stage at Melbourne Fashion Week.




How do you spend your days? I'm at my store Slow Waves literally every day doing anything and everything. The store is definitely my first home, I spend so much time there. 

What can we expect from you at MFW outfit-wise? I'm all about dressing for comfort, sometimes all you need are some trackies and a good pair of heels. I do have a Molly Goddard dress that I love and don't wear as much as I should. Also, two of my friends have started a label called Echelon, doing cool oversized t-shirts and accessories, and everything is made in Melbourne. Maybe that. 

What are you excited about right now? At the moment we're working on a collaboration between Slow Waves and a Hong Kong-based label which is super exciting! It'll be a five to seven piece collection of unisex clothing and accessories dropping at the end of the year!


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