AMBUSH 'Hues' presentation in Paris / by Slow Waves


AMBUSH® debuted SS18 collection ‘Hues’ with a presentation during Paris Men’s Fashion week, the first time using models. A high school detention setting was a nod to the collections inspiration, Director John Hughes’ 80’s classic, ‘The Breakfast Club’.


AMBUSH® HUES Collection embodies a coming of age, when a sense of self-identity emerges from the stereotypes placed upon us. 


In popular culture this is a high school rite-of-passage, but in reality we can graduate at any age. Cassette tape earrings and crushed can jewels are ‘found objects’ cast in sterling silver. Chokers studded with crystals fit for a prom queen to wear with her championship misfit ring wearing date. Accessories canvassed by apparel, classics with a contemporary twist completing the AMBUSH® uniform.