Meet 2017's 8 LVMH Prize Finalists / by Slow Waves


The experts’ votes are in. Following the showroom presentation at LVMH headquarters earlier this month, the 45-member panel behind the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers has narrowed the candidates down to eight finalists. 


What happens between now and the announcement of the prize on June 16?
Now we’re just focusing on preparing for the morning of June 16, when the finalists will meet the jury. That’s a major milestone for all the designers, but it’s a very enriching experience for everyone. We’ll be preparing a space at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, where each designer will have slightly more space than in the showroom. Each has 10 minutes to present his or her work to the jury, and then there’s a brief question-and-answer session.


It’s also a good year for women . . .
It’s wonderful to see that five of the eight finalists are women. That shows how fashion is evolving, with more and more women designers coming to the fore.

Any words of advice?
I know it’s not easy but . . . relax! Focus on the pieces and styling you want for your models. We’re interested in your inspirations and creative process, but 10 minutes goes by fast, so be concise. And try not to be too impressed by the people sitting in front of you. Karl Lagerfeld got his start with a competition, too. Explaining one’s work is not always an easy exercise, but it’s part of the commercial reality of a designer’s job.


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