Fusing comfort and femininity.

MARIEYAT Blurs the Line Between Lingerie and Unisex Underwear

London-based Hong Kong designer Marie Yat (her label is known as MARIEYAT) is about to change the way lingerie is perceived. Traditionally designed with the male gaze in mind (think lacy, racy thongs and underwired bras with push-up cups), classic lingerie often forsakes the comfort of women in the process. Though women’s boxers are common these days, the construction tends to resemble masculine underwear. These frustrations led Marie to create her own line of lingerie that boasts both style and comfort. Looking through the look book, you will notice that her designs favour a subdued pastel palette on seamless knitwear produced from natural cottons and silks. The silhouettes embrace and accentuate the natural curves of a woman’s body as well. 


While MARIEYAT focuses on feminine design, the label explores gender-fluid ideas as well. She further explains, “One of the core ideas of the label is to combine the delicate details of lingerie and the relaxing feel of a piece of unisex underwear. Whether it should be restricted to being gender-specific or not, is entirely up to the perceiver.” 


By Steph Leong for