JIWINAIA UP ON i-D / by Slow Waves


meet the designer turning your revenge fantasies into empowering jewelry

How did you and Petra end up collaborating on the lookbook?
"I met Petra through Instagram, and when I went to New York a few months ago I took the opportunity to meet up with her and stylist Vanna Youngstein. Petra and Vanna had thought about my jewelry for Carly Rae Jepsen's new video "Boy Problems," which I was so happy about. The "Female Smiley Earrings" and the "Sex Symbols" necklace were perfect for it. I was very excited when they agreed to shoot my latest lookbook. It's my dream lookbook."
Talk me through the ideas behind your third collection. What were your main references?
"My third collection is called "Cheat," and it's my favorite so far. I used some rougher, more violent elements with a romantic finish. My favorite pieces are the "Cheat Hoops" and "Back Stabber Earrings," which take a humorous approach to feelings of revenge and empowerment."

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Text by Alice Newell-Hanson


'Cheat' will be available at SLOW WAVES later in the year