Hanging Out in Tokyo with Yoon / by Slow Waves

The AMBUSH co-designer took Amuse around her favourite spots in Shibuya


'Yoon is one half of the design duo behind cult Japanese jewellery brand AMBUSH. She’s the girl we all want to be – talented, stylish and effortlessly cool. When she’s not in the AMBUSH studio, Yoon is djing parties in New York and London, modelling for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Doc Martins, or shooting a cameo in an A$AP Rocky video.'



From businessmen and fashion people to tourists and students, Shibuya is like a melting pot of everything in the city. Does Tokyo still have that mix of madness and mayhem that keeps creatives and their creativity alive? “To be honest, I do feel like the energy here has diluted over the last five or six years. Style has become homogenised. The way people dress and what’s cool is the same here just like everywhere else."


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