AMBUSH- Japanese Jewellery Inspired By Subcultural Rebels / by Slow Waves

Following collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Sacai, the designer behind Ambush talks disaffected youth and new male attitudes to jewellery.

“Asian men tends to be more fluid and delicate with their style because they are less restricted by the ideals of masculinity, thus more playful when it comes to accessorising” – Yoon, Ambush

Ambush has had a lot of hype and of course you have a lot of cool celebrity endorsement. How do you avoid the pitfalls of fast-paced hype to build a brand with longevity?  

Yoon: We believe in an organic process of growth. We don’t do forced paid advertising with people we don’t know. It just happens that some of our friends are well-known people in the industry and they are showing love because they believe in what we create. Also, customers are too smart for that now. They will see right through what’s unnatural. 

Read the full interview by Susie Lau on the latest collection from Ambush entitled 'Halbstarke' here-