i-D how to become a boutique owner by...marli atterton / by Slow Waves

"A few years ago, an independent boutique called Slow Waves burst onto the scene, adding a positive new dimension to the Australian retail landscape in the process. The woman behind the business is Marli Atterton, who, frustrated with the status quo, created the kind of store she'd like to shop at. Slow Waves is a store stocking hard-to-find favourites and Australian exclusives like Ambush, Filles A Papa, Faustine Steinmetz and MM6, all carefully curated with our seasons in mind. With a background in management, buying, styling and visual merchandising, Marli is continually channelling her many talents and superb taste into her enterprise, all the while striving to keep the high-low balance just right. With Slow Waves' recent upgrade to a new, larger space, Marli shares how she became a poster girl of independent Australian retail."


A huge thank you to Hilary Bourke and i-D for letting us take part in the 'how to become' series!

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